Friday, January 11, 2008

DAVID WERNER - Live (1979)

Well, here's the final installment of David Werner goodies!

This Live record is actually half a Live record only. Side A includes 5 songs off an L.A. show from 1979 and, oddly, side B only adds a weird but fun non-music collage made up from excerpts of several Boston's WBCN programs. I'm guessing David participates or even talks in these radio snippets, but I'm not sure. Any clue you may have will be very much appreciated! The record ends with Too Late To Try from his self titled album.

The wonderful quality of his performance leaves you wanting for more, indeed.

I can even hear a guy in the audience requesting Cold Shivers. I guess he possibly did it later, but it never made it on this record. Sigh.