Monday, April 7, 2008


Now tell me...would you take this guy seriously?

Well, you'd better do.

This record must look like a joke at first sight, but as soon as you drop the needle you realize this is another little treasure. Pop, rock, bubblegum, even an hilarious country track... but the word here is Pepper! Pepperisms can be found everywhere here, starting from Hello Hello and ending with its reprise, Goodbye Goodbye -what else? Tongue in cheek all the time, yes, so what, this is fun, and the melodic quality of the songs and the arrangements is fantastic.

The man wasted no bars. Many songs do not even reach the 3-minute tag.

In fact, it's like barely more than 2 minutes of pop bliss every time and you're left begging for more.

It seems this was the baby of a guy called Michael Chain -no musician credits on the record- so maybe he played all instruments, who knows. Very cool but somewhat strange concept-like album, with comic strips too, featuring the adventures of our hero Pinkiny Canandy. Beautiful gatefold sleeve, lyrics included.

A record you can easily play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Someday... trust me!

We would like to say so long and thank you all for clapping for us
But we'd have to stretch the song by adding on another chorus.

Very glad to be here

Happy that we came

Here's hoping that you feel the same.

Now, this is one criminally forgotten record that deserves a prompt CD reissue -I'm just salivating at the thought of having access to bonus tracks too...
Rev-Ola people (or anyone)... what are you waiting for???
The Lp I found years ago wasn't in perfect condition, you know!

The songs:




All selections composed by Michael Chain
Produced by Mike Post


popcat said...
pass: popcat

mull_me, shigo said...

Thanks popcat! One song from this LP was on one of "Bubblegum MF" series, so I expected this to be in that vein...pleasant surprise, as it was a rather solid pop-rock effort. And the man Michael Chain was formerly in the Knack, the original 60s incarnation that released 4 45s on Capitol (and, 10 years later, filed lawsuit against the "My Sharona" guys), most of them can be heard on fabulous LJ series. And he was also a writer of Jefferson Lee song called "Bubble Gum Music"!

Keep up the good work! from Buis

popcat said...

Thanks a lot for the information, buis!!

moxnix said...

thanks for this one, looks mighty obscure, just like i like em, thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this guy!
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your back! And what a find! Look to be fun....looking forward in hearing it.


ge said...

''''''Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Someday!''''''

harding said...

this is great stuff, thanks for posting it. completely new to me.

Max said...

Another great post & a really obscure one. Thanks.

Tony Crazeekid said...

Thanks !! and excellent Picture sleeve !!!

wkc said...

This looks like a great listen. Thanks for sharing this obscure piece of musical history

burnleaf said...

And he opened for Led Zeppelin....

jeff said...

what the?...pretty freaking cool lost gem. hafta pick "christopher centipede" as my fav. great car ride music too. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Knack Vids on U Tube and Mr Chain wrote me back!He says NO CD on this one yet but he'll Work on It!Thanks for bringing up this LP-Its quite a tasty item!I used to have it but..i gave it up (Though i shouldnt Have)Best songs on it include"Sadie Godiva""Christopher centipede"and "Boop boop a doop"
lost classic?YOU BET!!thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

He's a McCain man:

The funny thing is the new song is just as cheezy as the old stuff (which I love incendently)!

popcat said...

WOW, thank you so much for the link. He's still around, big time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much! I've had this record since I was a little kid, and no one, but NO ONE, I've ever met has heard OF it, let alone heard it!

I love every song, and the guitar playing is so cool.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I was just moving around some old records- yes, in milk cartons- when I came upon this one. I probably bought it fairly new to release date and have had it ever since. The weird thing is, I don't remember ever listening to it! I will now.

Flo's Blog said...

I've got this vinyl in 1973 in an Great Record Store/Germany as Cut Out .Nice memeories of my teenage years.
And I remember the cute ballad of Babara.

Jeff said...

I owned this album when it came out because my mom worked at a radio station and I sometimes got the discards. I was right at the intersection of grade school and junior high. It was clever and the production quality was first-rate (Mike Post, after all). It seemed to me to be very much a spoof of the pop music of the day -- such artists as The Archies, The Banana Splits ... And I listened to it and enjoyed it a lot. I agree that it should be reissued on CD!

Anonymous said...

This is so great!
Pinkiny Canandy was the first album I ever bought with my own money. Picked it up at J.J. Newberry's, a little "everything under one roof" store in my hometown of Farmington, ME.
I had no idea who this guy was or what it might sound like, but I was a HUGE comic book/super hero nerd at the age of the cover is all I needed to see.
Funny thing is, I ended up LOVING the album and listened to it all the time in my room, while I tried to make sense of the wonderfully bizarre comic strip inside the gatefold.
A real treasure and I'm so bummed I lost it years ago. That being said, it is so great to see there are others who actually owned and remember this LP. I was beginning to think Pinkiny Canandy was a figment of my imagination!
Boop-Boop-A-Doop indeed!
Thanks for the memories!

Unknown said...

I have that record and have enjoyed it for many years . good to see others like it to. I hope to hear more from michael soon !