Sunday, March 21, 2010

Susan Jacks - Ghosts (1980)

I heard that Susan Jacks (from The Poppy Family fame), one of my favorite female singers ever, is having some health issues. Here's wishing everything will be OK, Susan!

To my knowlege, her solo albums haven't been reissued on cd yet. Here's her beautiful album from 1980.

Beyond The Clouds once again, oh yes!

Columbia Record Label JC 36417

Track list:

01 All the Tea in China (Jacks) 2:50
02 We Had It All (Fritts, Seals) 3:02
03 Elusive Butterfly (Lind) 2:46
04 Evergreen (Tanner) 2:48
05 Ghosts in Your Mind (Jacks) 3:46

06 Twice as Strong (Demmans) 2:38
07 Beyond the Clouds (Jacks) 2:58

08 A Young Girl (Aznavour, Brown) 3:12
09 Concrete Sea ( Jacks ) 2:40
10 Two Roses (Chaba) 3:29
11 A Fool Such as I (Trader) 2:21

Prod. by Terry Jacks


popcat said...


320kpbs mp3:

Niall said...

A very warm welcome back VT,I could,nt believe i was not looking at the Pipe Dream Lp when I signed in.
Great news and happy posting !!

Anonymous said...

Hi ... thanks SO MUCH for this. Any chance you have her album "Forever"?

popcat said...

Thanks for the welcome, Niall.
Anonymus - yes, I do. I'll see what I can do.

Lizardson said...

What a beautiful album...

Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

Even the pop songs can sometimes be listenable - this is the case.Thanks for posting.

Max said...

A very nice post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I never heard this before. Thanks so much!! I always assumed "We Had It All" was a Dan Stuart song (I do like his version better, but again, this is great!!!) thx!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Recently heard the Poppy Family stuff and it's a true late 60's sunshine pop treasure. This solo record is great. Hope her health has improved too.


Anonymous said...

Susan Jacks has to be one of my favorite all time female singers. I wish she still put out new music. Her album "Ghost" is the best in my opinion.

A Man and A Mouse said...

Thanks for this. I'm just discovering the Poppy Family and Susan Jacks.