Thursday, February 21, 2008

PHILLIPS / MacLEOD - Le Partie Du Cocktail! (1979)

Here's a very fine and elegant harmony-laden record that you will dig a lot if you like yer pop with Beach Boys trademark constructions and wonderful, surprising chords progressions all over the place (but not only that: Wings, 70s FM pop à la Boston, Queen guitars...). I honestly don't know much about these guys other than they are from the U.S. and apparently released a second, self-titled album one year later. (What...? That you have this second album...? Oh, please leave a message...!)

At any rate, this is one melodic gem of a record to be enjoyed big time.

(the photo on the back cover is originally blurred, so you know)

The songs:

City Of Lights

Take Me To The High Ground

Come With Me

Easy Street

Takin' It Easy

What Am I Gonna Do

Gone Are The Dreams


Viva Alessa

Lost In The Storm

Written and performed by Robert Phillips and Sean MacLeod.

Produced by Tony Peluso.


popcat said...
pass: popcat

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-post Dan McCafferty? Love Don Cooper. Thanks

Anonymous said...

A lost gem!
Thanks a lot for sharing such treasures...
This LP sometimes calls to mind the Raspberries ( a very good reference indeed)but also the great but forgotten Tarney Spencer Band.
Thanks again!

popcat said...

Thanks for your comments!
1st Anonymous... glad you liked Don Cooper, but I never posted Dan Mc. before (I don't have anything by him anyway).

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing good album
can you please re-post gary & stu?

popcat said...

gary & stu is already out on cd.

MrQwerty said...

Have you now withdrawn this post of
"PHILLIPS / MacLEOD - Le Partie Du Cocktail! (1979)"?

It would be useful if you reported this on the main page. I've waster sometime trying to d/l without success/ Thout it was rapidshare, or my ISP or any number of things - please let us know what going on!

popcat said...

There is nothing wrong with the link. It works perfectly fine. It must be a problem at your end.

Anonymous said...

Saludos agradecidos, y deseando que actualices.


Solana Karen said...

I live with MacLeod and know Phillips. Both live in North County San Diego. Their second album was very different as they were exploring harder music. We may have a cd of it around here somewhere. First album was great, though, wasn't it? "Takin It Easy" was bought by Seals & Croft and used as a cover song on one of their albums.

Mattijs Mooimuziek said...


Thanks a mill for Phillips & MacLeod. I am tremendously enjoying this music. Why hadn't I ever heard of them before? Anyway, now I have.

Thanks again!


popcat said...

Karen - thank you for the info!
Mattijs - glad you liked this gem as I do! Thanks for your message!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! It's great, as you said!