Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DON COOPER - What You Feel Is How You Grow (1972)

This is the fourth and last Don Cooper album (at least for Roulette).
It's the first one I got, and it's my favorite of the four. I picked it up at a record fair just because the cover, and specially the back cover looked so good

the song titles sounded so good

and... SHE was there on the backing vocals... (main reason at first sight)!

If you liked the other two albums I posted, you'll love this one even better.
Oh Neebob!

All songs by Don Cooper except for Singing the Blues and Step Away.
Produced by Tom Dawes.


popcat said...
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Kadek55 said...

I didn't know Don Cooper but thanks to you I know him now!

Thanks a lot!

popcat said...

pass: popcat

If you downloaded the album from the other two previous links, please check track 05, Blueberry Pickin'. It lasted for about 20 minutes by mistake... Too many blueberries! You can edit the song with a sound editor. Sorry about that. The above link is correct now.

popcat said...

My pleasure, kadek!

the catman said...

Thanks for pointing out the Ellie Greenwich credit, she's always been one of my fave female vocalists!

Very sad to say, she passed away two months ago from a heart attack... :( But her music will forever be remembered... thanks so much for sharing this one! I'm always glad to hear her work, whether as a backup or a headliner.

stu said...

love the other two albums you posted, unfortunately the link has now passed for this one ... you know when you want something, Sooo bad :), Don Cooper is amazing!!!

Thanks for sharing!