Tuesday, November 13, 2007


OK, so I wanted to start this blog with a bang, only to find that this mighty fine and obscure Lp was reissued in Japan last month. Ouuuchhh! It's a very limited reissue, so you'd better hurry (mine's on its way already). At any rate, since there are no samples on the Japanese website, let me give you the first two songs. Hope you like what you hear. Their music could be described as harmony pop this side of Aztec Two-Step or poppier Tir Na Nog, with early Gerry Rafferty asking for his money back in the meantime, really! Truth be said, they touch more bases than those ones, and that's what makes this record very special. Not boring at all!
On the back of the Lp you can read they were in a band called Harlan County long ago, so if it was long ago in 1972 already, go figure how long must have been now!

Gary Sulsh and Stu Leathwoon are the names who invite you to sample the delights of their menu as the cover of the Lp reads, and these are the fine tracks:

Side 1

01 Harlan Fair (yes, the album is called Harlan Fare and the song Harlan Fair)
02 Man Of Many Faces
03 Hey Man
04 Rainbow Coloured Morning
05 Lemon City
06 Sweet White Dove

Side 2

01 Long Long Line
02 Darlin' Jill
03 My Daddy Was A Movie Star
04 Good Lady Fair
05 Peek-A-Boo
06 Country Fever

All songs composed by Sulsh/Leathwood with some help by Barrie Guard.

Arranged & Produced By Barry Guard. - A Carnaby Recording.


Blog Kihn said...
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Anonymous said...

I have recently discovered this wonderful blog and I couldn`t belive my eyes when I saw the stuff posted here! Could you please re-up this album again? It was one of the first albums I bought when I was a kid but my copy is badly damaged. It brings me so many memories. Thanks

popcat said...

Thank you for the kind words! Actually, I never really posted the whole album in the first place because I just found out it is available on cd on Airmail Recordings Japan.

Anonymous said...

Oh! It´s a pity you cannnot post it! Anyway, thanks for your fantastic blog, keep on rocking!
Greetings from Spain (Canary Islands)