Monday, November 19, 2007

STILLROCK - st (1969)

Stillrock -according to the Lp- or Still Rock, depending on the scarce sources found in cyberspace, was a short-lived group whose only effort -most probably from 1969 even though some argue 1971- featured a very pleasant collection of tunes. You can hear double and three-part harmonies and singing, along with clever influences of the Everlys, the Beatles -btw, The Reach Of My Memory is, how to describe it... Freeasabirdian thirty years in advance? Oh, and a lot of Hollies (a lot), all within the boundaries of a beautiful Southern rock flavor. CSN&Y anyone? You get steel guitar parts, a couple of ballads with violins in the background, nice countrified mid tempos where you can even smell the grass, a correct rendition of Isaac Hayes' soulful When Something Is Wrong With My Baby, and even a shy attempt at light psych.

Well, it's still rock'n'roll to me...

Produced by Don Nix. That was enough for me to buy the LP with no previous listen (OK, the cover looked cool as well).

The LP cover insists on a "featuring Don Preston" tag and ignores the other fine musicians of the band. This seems to have pretty much been a Don-Don affair, but come on, you gotta give the other guys some well-deserved credit too:

Bobby Cochran (Guitars & Vocals)
Casey Van Beek (Bass & Vocals)
Bob Young (Drums & Vocals)
Don Preston ( Guitars & Vocals) -who appears through the courtesy of Mrs. Preston-

01 So Hard to Say Goodbye (Nix, Preston)
02 The Reach of My Memory (Preston)
03 Mighty Time (Nix)
04 Rolling in My Dreams (Nix)
05 Hiway Fever (Preston)
06 Waiting for the Door to Open (Preston)
07 Wedding Parade (Nix)
08 I Can Remember (Preston)
09 Lost City Child (Preston, Nix)
10 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (Hayes, Porter)
11 She Was a Long Time Ago (Preston)


popcat said...
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Anonymous said...

hey gracias por este

tiene buena pinta



popcat said...

¡espero que te haya gustado! Seguro que sí.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias, acabo de bajarlo y he empezado a escucharlo, aún no he pasado de la segunda canción, pero si el resto del disco es así es más que sobresaliente.

Anonymous said...

a real treasure.
thank you for this great album.

Kadek55 said...

Don Nix is a good reason to give it a try!

Do you have'any of Don's solo albums?
That would be great.

Anyway: thanks a lot for all the great music here!


wkc said...

having just discovered your blog I was excited to find this one with the Hollies references, would love to hear it, but divshare doesn't seem to be working - hope it's only temporary. If not is a reup possible? Thanks

popcat said...

It seems divshare is turning into an ad nightmare. Sorry about that. I'll try reup all the divshare links to rapidshare asap, starting from this one.
Thanks for your comment!

popcat said...

New link:

richard said...

Hi i brought this album when i was a convert to the southern rock phase in 77, i was influenced by the cover and beig into sknyrd and outlaws was very disapointed at first but as time and funny smelling backy went on, the album grew on me as did a forray into gospel blues and i can say thsi sounds nothing like everlys to me its more like turtles or flo and eddie. excellent, with a smattering of new riders purple sage. retrorik