Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Bubblegum music!! Yes, I like it so much. It's the naked truth.
And this record is a gem. Arguably, one of the best bubblegum records ever. Period.
And, to my knowledge, never reissued (except for Sha-La Love You). Why?? Such a shame... and if you ever find a copy, they'll ask you for $200 or more.
(damn, my wife just saw me typing this and she wants me to sell it now.... NO, NEVER!!!)

Played by a bunch of chimps (well, the correct description is A.P.E.'s*), namely:

Lance Link - Guitar
Mata Hairi - Tambourine
Sweetwater Gibbons - Piano (you gotta love his style, btw)
Bananas Marmoset - Drums & Percusion

Extremely catchy, extremely fun, extremely good!!

From the original 1970-72 US TV series Lancelot Link Secret Chimp Hour. Surely familiar for guys in the US. And I bet they played many more songs than the ones on the Lp. Anyone? Sigh.

Anyhow, see for yourselves how groovy they were!

(thanks Creeto!)

Most of the songs come from the courtesy of writer-singer-producer Steve Hoffman, with Steve Barri producing (hey, Sha-la Love You is an allegedly early demo for the Grass Roots!).

The lyrics may be a bit sexist sometimes, but hey, enjoy the music, have fun. I often play this record when I have to do the dishes late at night.... works wonders!

The chimps list a running order on the back of the Lp, but then they play as they wish when the needle hits the wax and do this one instead. It's a blast!

Sha-La Love You
Wild Dreams (Jelly Beans)
Kissin' Doll
Magic Feeling
Rollin' In The Clover
Yummy Love
Blind Date
Evolution Revolution

* Agents To Prevent Evil



popcat said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've got a pretty nice clean copy of this LP that I picked up about 12 years ago for $20. Looks like it was a steal!

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember this show,very goofy but that music still sticks to my brain to this day. I hope there's more lost gems like these in the near future! Thanks!!


Barry said...

One of my all time favorite lines from a TV show came from Lance Link - he was pretending to be a surgeon, and in the middle of an operation asked his nurse "Would you pass me the, umm, the crelm?" Thanks so much for posting this, I've been seeking it for a very, very, very long time... :)

Anonymous said...

thanks, I love old odd stuff like this

popcat said...

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Anonymous said...

I've had this album since 1976. Found it in a 99-cent bin, on 8-Track. Recorded it to cassette, then digitised to iTunes around 2001. Later got it on vinyl around 2002 for $20. Digitised again, directly. I've heard these tracks literally thousands of times since 1976. So many, many fond memories of these, one being laying in the back of a pickup truck at age 11, playing a video for "Daydreams" through my head. A self-created video. Which explains where I wound-up in life, being able to do that on the fly. Many thanks, Lancelot and gang, for all the fun, inspiration, and joy.

montysmusic said...

thankas a lot for this gem ive been hunting this for ages..
best wishes montycat

Anonymous said...

Hey wait, isn't that a video of Acid Mother's Temple?

siys said...

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