Sunday, December 2, 2007

DAVID WERNER - Imagination Quota (1975)

As promised, here's more Werner!
This was his second album, and while some say it's not as good, I say this ain't no slouch!
Sure, you could do without that sax sometimes, but this is a very fine record. My favorite song is Cold Shivers.
If you liked Whizz Kid, you'll like this one as well.



popcat said...
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Fabrice said...

Thanks for the DW albums.
I expected for a long time listening to them.
Do you have a better scan of the covers for this one?

bshears said...


I had given up on this, thank you so much for posting this.


popcat said...

billy -- I regret the delay in making this available, but the needle kept skipping once in one song and it took me a while to mend it.

fabrice- I'm sorry but this is what it is. Unlike other blogs, I decided not to provide 100% perfect artwork because this takes too much time and, frankly, nothing can replace the original size of the vinyl. I prefer to devote my time in making a good quality rip instead. Hope you liked the quality.

Tom said...

Many thanks, popcat.

ckd said...

Had the pleasure of working with David in 1989 in Pittsburgh.
Amazing and inspiring producer - very demanding in the best possible way.
S/T and Live lps a must-have, too!

Green Mold said...

Awesome! You are the best!

popcat said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

ckd- it's great to hear you worked with David. Hopefully his music gets reissued one day!
His s/t can be found at

For his live album, watch this space...

Fabrice said...

I'll build my own covers with the images you posted here ;-)
Nevermind, I enjoy the music !

popcat said...

fabrice- my intention is to basically share the music so that it gets wider attention and, in a perfect world, it is finally officially re-released and the artist see that good fans like you and me buy the cd and enjoy nice artwork as well.

Fabrice said...

I agree with you and buy all re-realesed lbumsI bougt on vinylmany years before ( like JULES&POLAR BEARS fanetiks or 20/20 etc... )
I think I'm waiting for more than 20 albums like that :-) and of course the 1979 DAVID WERNER lp !
We'll just have to wait... One day ?

Max said...

Thanks a lot for the David Werner & for a lot of other great looking posts that I haven't checked out yet!

Lisa said...

Bless you! I got so emotional when I heard "Cold Shivers" - I bought this and "Whizz Kid" when I was in high school out of a bargain bin and have lost track of the albums...but they meant a lot to me then and I am ecstatic to hear them again!

popcat said...

My pleasure, Lisa!
I'll add something else very soon.

popcat said...

New link:
pass: popcat

Marc said...

Hi everybody,

Came to this page in a roundabout way... I kinda knew David briefly a million years ago (actually around 1977-79 when I worked at National Record Mart in Pittsburgh with his girlfriend Paula). I've got Whizz Kid and Imagination Quota on cassette (I told you it was a million years ago!) and David Werner on LP. Popcat, do I read these posts correctly that there are downloads available of his first two releases? If so, how do I connect with that? I'm happy to share the DW album (although someone will have to give me instructions how... I'm a bit of an analog dinosaur just starting to make my way in the digital world).

I'll do further noodling around when I have more time... I'm currently on a break from helping my daughter with her history homework!


popcat said...

Hi Marc,
thanks for your message.
I guess by now you'll have discovered the links and more info.

Marc said...

Hi again everybody,

Thanks for sharing. Yes, I was able to (finally!) figure out the downloads and have been listening to the first two David Werner albums for the past week or so. Amazing how one remembers something so well from 30 years ago... as soon as one song ended, I knew exactly what was coming next!

I have a question: I would love to be able to pay this forward... but am completely clueless as to how to digitize/compress/upload what comes out of my stereo speakers. Is there a tutorial online somewhere (and I'm sure there must be some sort of hardware purchase involved as well)? Guidance is greatly appreciated!


P.S. I attempted to post a similar message on Sunday, but I'm not sure if it "took"... so I'm trying again. If this is a duplicate, my apologies.

popcat said...

Hello Marc,
not sure what you mean, but if you downloaded it and are able to listen, you already have it in your PC.
If you mean you want to record the songs elsewhere, all you have to do is a burn a cdr. Anyway, I'm afraid this is not exactly a place for technical questions. Good luck!

Brent in Seattle said...

Wow...I'm a pretty big music nut (40 years young) but had never heard of David Werner but I downloaded IQ (and the other two albums). I completely love it. Thanks so much for posting. I hope an official reissue will happen one day. David is/was a real talent. Nice variety of tunes, but I really love the melancholy "Prose".

Lisa said...


Did you mean that you have the 3rd DW album (simply self-titled) and would like to upload it so you can post it for downloading? I know there is a way to do it, but I don't know myself. Try a search engine like Google - information abounds on the internet. I would love to hear it again - I had it on vinyl but I've lost track of my albums!

popcat said...

Once again... ;-) the s/t album is available here: