Sunday, December 30, 2007

HEART - s/t (1969 & 1972)

Of all the many Hearts to be found in the history of pop music, this band may be one of the most obscure ones. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Heart released their first self-titled album as a foursome in 1969. Psych-pop with soul leanings. Really good stuff. I have been unable to find information about these guys other than that Carl Silva had been a member of the garage-rock band Lindy & The Lavells, whose material was reissued by Big Beat in 2006. I don't have this cd, so I don't know if the liners shed a little light on Heart, but the description I read here has put this cd on top of my purchase priorities for next year.

Heart - s/t (1969)

Give Me A Happy Day
Tell Her I Love Her
My Girl
All My Reasons
La La
I Love You
Hurry Up Peace, It's Time

Carl Silva - drums, harmonica, vocal
Bob Barron - bass
Danny Burnett - guitar
Arnold Bodmer - piano

Production and sound - John Wagner
Brass and strings arrangements - Roger Janotta

Well, fast-forward to 1972 and we find that the heart has been broken in two. Oh, that happens so very often. They're now a duo, and they release another self-titled album. I honestly ignore if they released anything else in the two years in between, so if any of you know, please enlighten me!

This second album is more pop-oriented. The opening track reveals that they were listening closely to Macca's C Moon or similar stuff (good!). Please bear with me if you hear some clicks and pops here and there. Warped old vinyl, you know.

Interestingly, Sing A Song Of Love sounds like one of the best songs Michael Brown of the Left Banke never wrote for The Beckies (years before that wonderful album!). And interestingly, it's the only song not penned by any of the members of the band. Whoever you are, Mr. David Goodnow, thanks for this gem!

Heart - s/t (1972)

I Want You
Just Thought I'd Let You Know
Country Smile
Oola Lucy
I Said It With A Laugh
Sing A Song Of Love
Amaze Me
Goin' Down
And Then There's
Set Me Free

Bob Barron - Bass, guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Carl Silva - Drums, lead vocal, keyboard, guitar, mouth harp

Producers - John Wagner - Leon Danielle

So well, two hearts are better than one, as they say.

Happy new year!


popcat said...
pwd- popcat

Anonymous said...

I was aware of the second self titled set that found release on the Motown subsidurary, Natural Resources, but the first set is new to me.

Many thanks for this

Max said...

Thanks for another gem.

Ralph said...

Hola. Ante todo, gracias por todos estos discos, sin tu blog sería muy dificil dar con ellos o siquiera conocerlos!
El caso es que tengo un problema al descargarme la carpeta de "Heart". Tras descargarme los dos "rar", le doy a "extract files"...y se interrumpe justo cuando falta tan sólo una canción, la última (nº 22), que queda excluida.
Podrías, por favor, indicar cual puede ser la causa? Es muy frustrante tener el disco completo...menos una, "Set Me Free"!
Gracias mil.

popcat said...

Hola amigo,
Gracias por tus comentarios.
He comprobado los ficheros, y se extraen perfectamente. Puede que sea el programa que utilizas. Con el WinRar debería funcionar sin problemas. En cualquier caso, te he puesto la canción en este nuevo enlace:


Ralph said...

Hola. Muchísimas gracias por la canción que me faltaba! Normalmente no tengo problemas similares con el WinRar, pero...ya se sabe que el ciberespacio no siempre es lógico y siempre pasan cosas raras.
Espero que los dioses te paguen tu amabilidad y el compratir todas estas joyas olvidadas!

triff said...

Hi, I posted the second one on my blog before Christmas ripped from my vinyl, and am happy to find the first LP here. Thanks.

popcat said...

Hi triff,
sorry, I didn't know about your blog. I always perform a blog search before posting stuff, and I got no results for Heart. Anway, great record indeed.
Hey, I love the Triffids too!

gaute said...

I have an album of this group.Heart:Have a heart. King KS-1119. I believe this is their second album from 1970.

popcat said...

Thanks for the info, gaute! Now, if you can share it somehow, let us know!

Anonymous said...

So many Hearts.....and now i found the right one...and broken too ;-))!!
Great blog you have!
Keep uo the good work!!

Anonymous said...

see my wordpress blog for a very long comment on ABQ Heart.