Tuesday, December 4, 2007

GLADSTONE - Lookin' For A Smile (1973)

I basically picked this up because I noticed they were covering Tony Hazzard's Got To Be You, Got Be Me. Hey, if they chose to use a Tony Hazzard song (everybody bow down, please), they got to be good, or at least nice. And yes, they are good and nice, and you'll dig them if you like yer pop with acoustic guitars, harmonies not unlike The Eagles and a very pleasant country feel.

After all, as they sing unashamedly, all they want is to share a song and ease your mind for a while. And that is a good thing in my book!

They released two albums as far as I know. This is their second one.

Incidentally, I discovered I had their first s/t album aka ...From Down Home In Tyler, Texas U.S.A. (1972) from someone via slsk long ago (sorry, I can't remember who it was, but thanks!), so why not re-up it for you guys, so you can have both of them? What's this... a bonus?? You bet! A 2on1 kind of a post! Whooohoo!

-right link corrected! - but you did like the LJ57 anyway, didn't you?


popcat said...

pwd - popcat (here and there)

theabs said...

FYI: the link for Gladstone's first is actually a "Lost Jukebox" VA CD. Do you have a correct link? Thanks!

walknthabass said...

Nice stuff!

Some local boys, I believe. Trying to find some more info.

I see M. Rabon (Five Americans)
Mickey Raphael (Harmonica player for Willie Nelson for years)
And a few other names I recognize.

funnybits said...

More information than you cared to know about Gladstone!!

(from a friend of mine)

Most of these guys were friends and I grew up with them. We recently lost Randy Fouts. He went on to become the Fouts in Brians Fouts Music with Robin Hood Brians. HL Volker was the lead singer, Doud Rhone went on to play with Neil Diamond , (we talked last week), and is still with him, Mickey Raphael was a dear friend who worked with Dee Herrera and I at The Dallas Cellar and around 72 went to work for Willie Nelson and is still with him, HL Volker is living and working in LA I hear. Paul Liam I talk to from time to time and is a super nice guy, he went on to become Kenny Chestney's Tour drummer and The Offical drummer for The Grand Ol Opera and the 2nd most recorded drummer in history second only to Hal Blaine with Gold and Platnum records to his studio credit totaling 4 Billion Dollars in sales. Ron Tutt from Dallas went on to become number one of Elvis 4 drummers. Elvis nick named him Hard Working Ron Tutt. He now resides in Dallas Texas. Lynn Grooms went on to play with several like Leon Russel and lives and works in Tyler at a couple local clubs as a one man act. Robin Hood Brians still has Brians Studio and is still Robin Hood. Tom Russel teaches Guitar and Owns a recording studio and has written several hits which he still receives royalties on. Larry White went on to work with many many rock and country stars including Nitzinger. The rest I am not sure about. I think Bobby Tuttle is in San Angelo, Texas. Bobby was involved in several major projects including writing “Tammy And The Batchelor” “Urban Cowboy” ( Bob Tuttle on steel guitar) On Dale Baker,and AD Washington I have no clue.
Hope that helped!

popcat said...

funnybits, walknthabass - Many thanks for the info!

theabs- my mistake - it is corrected now. Thanks for pointing that out. Well, the comp was swell, wasn't it? :D

Anonymous said...

Thank You

wkc said...

thanks for this share.

Jazzbilly said...

Thanks this is a vinyl treasure!

Jason Odd said...

Bob Tuttle was more of a country picker, like Al Perkins Al Petty, and others, he was a super young steel student in the early 50s Texas scene.


He's still very active, fell into the studio scene at Robin Hood Brians studio after working around Texas, Greenland (yes, that Greenland in Europe) and California.

He was also part of Rio Grande, the country-rock spin-off of Mouse & the Traps, although he deosn't mention it in his bio as they cut the RCA LP on spec, and never played a gig.

popcat said...

Thanks for the information, Jason!